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Fanworks Discussion #3
Otter wearing a Samulet
Post your threads for challenge pieces (fic, art, etc) here. Big bangs, exchanges, themed challenges are all welcome.

Format like so:

SUBJECT: Title [Main Pairings, Rating] by CREATOR
CONTENT: Additional details (Additional pairings/ Art by whoever/ Wordcount/ Summary/ Description)

http://url of the post on the challenge community.

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SDMB: Symmetry and Shadows [Sam/Dean, PG-13] by pixymisa

art by lightthesparks

Summary:After completing the second trial, Sam and Dean get called in to investigate the disappearance of a fellow hunter. When they finally locate him, his bones are picked clean and carnivorous vines are swallowing up everything in sight.
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Re: SDMB: Symmetry and Shadows [Sam/Dean, PG-13] by pixymisa

That was well done, except pretty boring. Competent writing, good characterization and a creepy case fic with some carnivorous vines. Reads like an S1 episode, so if that's what you've been craving, definitely give it a go. My problem with it is that emotional impact is very weak and nothing really happens. But hey, you want carnivorous vines - check it out.


The MOTW is just what it seems, which is cool for maybe the first 2K, then it gets boring. It grows then, you can cut it with this. They get to the center and kill it, and the most difficulty they have is physically making it through the thicket. They get separated at one point along the way, and the emotional impact is not done well at all, like I know it's supposed to be all dramatic but I don't feel it, the way it's written. There is a kiss, and I can hardly figure out if it was first time or established wincest. Yank out three-four sentences - and it's gen, and no one would ever notice.
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Re: SDMB: Symmetry and Shadows [Sam/Dean, PG-13] by pixymisa

Oh nonnie, I feel the same. I was so looking forward to this one too. Kept me interested enough to finish it, but I liked the OC more than anything else in it. The vines were creepy and interesting, but that was about it.

*also, no emotional impact- I agree*

I thought there'd be more to the Sam/Dean aspect but apparently not.
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