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you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

Nonnies, while it is still early in the season, and no hiatus tearjerkers have happened, what recurring characters do you think will die this season, if any? For the sake of spoilerphobes, I am avoiding characters we haven't yet seen onscreen?

Kate the werewolf?
Alfie, doomed to be crispy winged?


I'd be betting on Benny, except that the problem of the Js needing time off isn't going to be confined to s8. I'm betting (hoping) not Amelia, because I think they know that fridging another Sam love interest to motivate hunting would be beyond the pale. Alfie's gotta be doomed. Kate, maybe if they do kill Benny they will have to take her down as foreshadowing. Or maybe she won't recur at all, it's been known to happen. Kevin lives, Linda I fear might die (resisting sacrificial mothers is probably beyond them). Crowley is like an increasingly annoying cockroach.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

I hope/think Crowley, just because he's been an antagonist for so long now, and really it's making Sam, Dean, and Crowley all look incompetent.

Alfie for sure. Unless they come up with some more involved story for Benny, then Benny. I'm forever worried about Linda.

Other than that, I don't think anyone on the list is going to die. I'm predicting a light on emotional deaths season.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry


Oh, I forgot to predict for Garth. No way are they making him nu!Bobby and then killing him. Though (sorry, Garth) it would be hilarious if they did, and if they then had a new equally doomed Bobby in s9 and another in s10. Every death could be different, but they would all involve damage to the Bobby hat.

Bizarre gardening accident.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

I'm automatically concerned about ALL the women - Show has taught me well. I think Linda is the most likely (what the other nonny said about sacrificial mothers), but I think the death that would make me maddest would be a tossup between Amelia (YET ANOTHER DEAD GF, SHOW?) and Kate the werewolf (just, why?).

It is my headcanon that Kate goes off and has a rough couple of years and then makes a low-key, occasionally tricky, but overall awesome life for herself.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

Alfie's toast. I don't think they would have tied Linda's survival so thoroughly into morality arguments, if they were planning on killing her. I would agree with you about Amelia, except I thought they had learned the same thing about killing off recurring black characters once upon a time, but Rufus still died.

Before the latest round of spoilers, I didn't even question that Benny would die, but now I feel it's much more uncertain.

Kevin lives. Garth should die, but will live.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

Benny will live but probably be in danger or his fate up in the air. If Garth shows up in another episode he will most likely get killed, if Kate never shows up again she will live. Kevin might live but if he does his mom will die. Crowley is going to stick around for as long as the show can keep him.

and I just have a feeling Amelia is already dead, I haven't been watching the show that closely so I don't know if she's appeared in the current timelines but all the flashbacks and Sam's reactions seem sort of on the sad side and it wouldn't surprise me if she had already died (if she is alive she won't make it past this season).

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry


Sam has been shown stalking Amelia's details online. She's still alive.

I wouldn't be surprised if she dies given that Benny's and Kevin's girlfriends have been killed this season, but I still doubt it.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

Linda I fear might die (resisting sacrificial mothers is probably beyond them)

That made me laugh out loud. It's funny because it's true. I'm still hoping they'll break the mould and not kill her, though. I love her. The last time I took such an instant like to a character was Castiel.

I am worried for Benny. I'm pretty sure the plan was for him to die but he might survive because Ty Olsson is very fandom-savvy. Although, that didn't help Gabriel.

I think Amelia will survive just so show can say: "See! Sam's dick is not lethal!"

Garth will (unfortunately) survive.

I hope we don't see Kate again, because I can only see her coming back to be killed off. I liked her and I'd like at least one monster to survive and prove that they can integrate into human society. I'm still pissed they killed of Lenore and her nest. :(

I am afraid you are right about not-Alfie. :(
I think he is a shady character but I like him nonetheless. I don't see him surviving. He seems a character designed to be whumped and then disposed.

Kevin is safe, I think. They'd be stupid to kill off such a promising side-character that is well received in fandom. They'd never do that... Ok, they've been doing that since season one but I'm hoping they stop before they ran out of actors.

I'm really worried about Crowley. He's the longest-lasting antagonist so far, but I think his survival hinged on him being a grey character/sometimes ally. He is a clear antagonist this season and I'm afraid they are setting me him up for a fall. TBH, I can't see how he would survive the latest mytharc.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

It's sad, but I don't care for any of them... :/ All of them could GTFO together and I wouldn't care.

IDK, any of them could die, at least for a while... but staying death? now that would be a twist!

I wish Crowley would die already, his character is like a joke to me at this point... I don't even know what's his storyline or his role, I lost all interest in it a couple of seasons ago.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

Looking at this list is making me realize half the reason that I'm hating S8--the side characters now suck compared to past ones that they killed off.

Seriously. Give me Rufus and Ellen and Henriksen and Gordon and Jo and Bela and Zach and Uriel and MEG and, hell fuck, BOBBY already. Ugh.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

side characters have never been as awesome as they used to be in early seasons.. The only recurring one that felt really random to me was Bela. I didn't really like her type.
But give me Jo and Ellen and Ash and Meg and Gordon and Henriksen and Ruby.

I just don't find seasons 6-8 side characters all that interested. If they die, well, good-bye, who's next?

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

I'm not sure about Benny... maybe next season?

Amelia is so completely disconnected from the hunting reality. Lisa at least was actually involved in a case. So I'm pretty sure they'll ~tragically~ drag her in.

Garth will probably stick around, but I really wish he'd go away.

Does Kate appear to be a recurring character? I didn't watch that episode...

Alfie is so dead, I'm surprised he survived his first episode.

I think Kevin might die. If Kevin dies, then Linda survives.

But if Linda dies, Kevin survives. Or maybe they'll pull another Abandon All Hope.

Crowley will probably die this season... or at least be on the wrong side of the door to hell closing forever.

I still can't imagine that this will actually happen. I bet there will be ways for demons to escape. I mean, who are we kidding?

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

You think Kevin's gonna die? I think he's the one with highest chances of surviving.

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

My heart feels dead inside

Re: you'll probably go to heaven, so don't hang your head and cry

Oh, Kevin's gonna live. I can't see him dying at all. In my dream of dreams, if they have to have a nu!Bobby, they ditch Garth and use Kevin instead in S9. Linda's a toss up but I'm hesitantly siding with her living as well. For one, they already killed off Channing, Kevin's girlfriend, so he's met the "one female loved one dies" quota to be a main recurring male character on this show. For two, even for these writers, I think that would be one death too many. We'll see, though.

Garth is probably going to survive. I don't care too much for the character, but the writers seem to really like him and the actor is good friends with Jared. Plus, TPTB seem convinced that Garth's brand of comedy is exactly what the general audience likes and that's really who they're playing for here, not fandom.

Is Kate the werewolf scheduled to be in more episodes? I hadn't heard of that, but if she is, she'll probably be killed off. Actually, she'd probably work as a bellwether; if Kate comes back and is evil and has to be put down, chances are that Benny will eventually have to be put down as well. If Kate doesn't come back, or if she comes back and isn't evil and successfully manages her werewolfiness, Benny's a shoein for another season.

Crowley - eh. I hate him, personally. He's my least favorite demon by far and of all the demonic antagonists they've had, Crowley is the one who is the least involved with Sam and Dean, has the least connection to the Winchester story, and so has the least reason to form an interesting, Winchester centric plot line going forward. And, IMO, Winchester centric plots are the ones that are most interesting and involving. The ones where Sam and Dean are just kinda there for whatever reason but are only distantly connected to what's going on do nothing for me. But having said all that, Crowley is also pretty much the only long running antagonist left. All the others are dead or imprisoned. There's Crowley, and there's Meg, and they don't seem to be setting up Meg as a Big Bad. So if they do off Crowley, then they should put a new Big Bad in soon to replacement. Alpha Vamp, maybe?

Alfie, eh. At this point, there's so few angels left that I'd prefer that they didn't kill him, but we'll see given potential spoilers later in the season.

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