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#91 - honc
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S8 wild speculation

ITT: Theories about S8!

So in another thread, someone was talking about closing the gates of Hell and it struck me that there's a major logistical issue with this. There seem to be a lot of demons, right? Which must mean that a lot of people are damned. It can't all be from making demon deals, either. It's stuff like murderers and child rapists and people who are damned the traditional way, right? (For a given value in the SPN world, that is.)

So what happens if Hell is no longer an option for souls to go to after they die? Do other afterlife worlds pick up the slack? Does Valhalla see a sudden influx of people? Do they try to shunt souls off to Hel because, whatever, it's close enough? Only missing one "L"? (To which Hel would probably be quite annoyed.) Or maybe they show up at Sheol instead? Or do they get stuck on Earth and suddenly there's a rise in the presence of angry, malevolent spirits?

What do the Reapers do about all of this? Do they view it as enough of a threat to remove their impartial caps and get involved? (Can we have more Tessa, oh please, oh please?)

If any of this plays out, will we perhaps wind up in a situation where Sam and Dean find themselves having to stop the gates of Hell from being forever shut?

What wild theories do you guys have?

Re: S8 wild speculation


Re: S8 wild speculation

I think there's scope for SPN-Heaven to pick up the damned souls since souls are fuel more than they are part of a system of reward/punishment - see Crowley trading souls to Castiel like currency.

Those might be the rules by which Heaven and Hell have worked out who claims what, but I doubt Heaven would mind not having to negotiate the power source. They'd just need to remodel a little. 701-Castiel was talking about needing to keep Hell as a threat, but heck, it's not like they couldn't put people on a loop of bad memories using Heaven's settings.

Re: S8 wild speculation

Hm. I've got a hard time for some reason seeing Heaven as being able to capitalize on damned souls, but I guess they did reach in and pluck Dean out which seems to indicate that they can undamn a soul if they feel like it. Maybe they would just quietly set up their own private Hell, where people relive their worst memories over and over again?

TBH though, the whole S6 souls as currency thing never made any sense to me. If souls are so powerful, then why do we never seem to see angels or demons taking advantage of them prior to S6? It felt like it came out of nowhere.

Re: S8 wild speculation

Hm. I guess I just assumed that souls would keep going to Hell, they just wouldn't be able to get back out. I don't really know, but I'm in favor of anything that brings back Tessa. Or Atropos.

Re: S8 wild speculation


I didn't think of Atropos! She could be a major part of this as well and would definitely have a say, right? So would a number of the gods dealing with fate and punishment, especially if they have any deals set up to use the Judeochristian Hell as a place of punishment. Like a theological timeshare.

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