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Big Bang/Exchange Fic Discussion #3
Otter wearing a Samulet
Post your threads for Big Bangs and exchange fics here.

Format like so:

SUBJECT: Title [Pairing, Rating] by AUTHOR
CONTENT: Art by whoever

http://url of the master post on the BB comm.

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spn_reversebang: [2028] Untitled by bflyw [J2, NC17]

"Dance of Passion" by bubbles759

Word Count:8512

Summary: When Jared met Jensen Ackles for the first time, he laughed off any ideas he had about Jensen's dancing. After all, what does a street dancer know about ballet? But when Jared's teacher tells him that his dancing is nothing special, Jared may just have to eat his words, and acknowledge that the street dancer may have been right. Can Jared take instruction from someone with no technical knowledge and take his dancing to another level, or will his predjudice leave him in the chorus line?
(Frozen) (Thread)

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