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Big Bang/Exchange Fic Discussion #3
Otter wearing a Samulet
Post your threads for Big Bangs and exchange fics here.

Format like so:

SUBJECT: Title [Pairing, Rating] by AUTHOR
CONTENT: Art by whoever

http://url of the master post on the BB comm.

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spn_reversebang: untitled(Sam/Dean girl!chesters, NC-17) by zempasuchil


Fic (a different kind of tough) by alwaysenduphere

Wordcount: 3300

Summary: Sometimes you wonder if there’s ever been a life lived that even remotely resembles yours, even a fictional one. The summary of it would have to be along the lines of ‘whatever you do, don’t read this one,’ because your sister’s grinding up against you to chase away the devil and you’re giving back all that you’re getting because she’s the only thing you have left in the world.
(Frozen) (Thread)

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