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as long as we are spoiler wanking

Any word on the alpha vamp? It sure sounded as though they were bringing him back this season, and you'd think the Benny stuff would be a reasonable hook.

It is imperative that he appear on my screen so I can listen to his beautiful, beautiful voice forever enjoy the elaborations of worldbuilding and character development he has the potential to bring.

Re: as long as we are spoiler wanking

I'm as impatient as you are, nonny. I hope there's at least some backstory and/or vamp lore revealed.

What's the alpha vamps name? How old is he? Can he communicate psychically with Benny like he did with Dean in "Live Free or Twihard"? So many questions.

Re: as long as we are spoiler wanking


And why isn't there fanfic in which Benny is part of the alpha-vampire's long-con (or Dean's ace in the hole against it) to get Dean turned again and in place as a star player for their team?

A fanfic with lots of dialogue from said alphavamp, possibly turned into a podfic by Worthy himself?

Re: as long as we are spoiler wanking


Rick Worthy should read ALL the podfic.

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