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Big Bang/Exchange Fic Discussion #3
Otter wearing a Samulet
Post your threads for Big Bangs and exchange fics here.

Format like so:

SUBJECT: Title [Pairing, Rating] by AUTHOR
CONTENT: Art by whoever

http://url of the master post on the BB comm.

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spn_reversebang: Why Do I Love You?--1019 (Dean/Bela, R) by skylar0grace


Fic by dark_roast

Word count: 15,000

Summary: Season Three AU. Deviates from canon after episode 3x13 (Ghostfacers). A mostly-gen casefic (with a little bit of Dean/Bela). The fic takes place in March of 2008, shortly after Bela steals the Colt, and two months before Dean's crossroads deal comes due.

Late one night, Dean vanishes from a motel room, leaving behind signs of a struggle, and a very worried Sam. When a gorgeous brunette crossroads demon materializes and demands to know where Dean and Bela Talbot are hiding -- Sam and the crossroads demon quickly realize that neither one of them is responsible for Dean or Bela's disappearance.

Sam reluctantly agrees to team up with the crossroads demon. They follow Sam's single, thin lead to a Caligari House, a very private and exclusive auction house that shifts between dimensions to avoid "unpleasantness."

But Sam must find his brother before dawn. If he doesn't, Caligari House will vanish... and it won't reappear on Earth for another two centuries.
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Re: spn_reversebang: Why Do I Love You?--1019 (Dean/Bela, R) by skylar0grace

Fic called "Caveat Emptor"
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